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Mother Mekamui - from the MDF

Land is our Mother, Land is our Lifeline, Land is our Future.

Long ago when the Europeans came to you oh Mother Mekamui, they told our ancestors to look up to the sky. A Saviour will come, while they were still looking up a big hole was dug in the middle of you mother Mekamui. They took our Gold and silver away to develop foreign soil.

When this generation stood up to depend you mother Mekamui the Government sent in security forces arm with modern weapons under the order shoot to kill. The Government worries about the money, we care about you and the nature surrounding you.

Mother Mekamui, you are our lifeline, you are not multiplying, we are that is why we are protecting you. We were looked down by Foreigners, we can't speak foreign languages therefore few highly educated ones took advantage. Mother Mekamui this educated ones will sink you in the name of development and such like the great historical Titanic.

Mother Mekamui, our brothers and sisters blood and flesh was already part of you killed while fighting for you and your children. We don't want foreign rule over you, we cry for self rule mother Mekamui. You are important and sacred to us, except for God almighty.

Mother Mekamui, Independence is the only solution to the far from over struggle. We your children are watching when will the foreign Governments will give and recognize you as an Independent Island nation. In our living days or maybe in our dying days.

Clive Porabou.