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Philippines - Workers Strike in a Sugar plant, Brutally Dispersed

Taken directly from Manila Indymedia so have no more info, just that they are calling for solidarity actions....

CENTRAL LUZON, Philippines - A month old farm-workers strike in Hacienda Luisita Sugar Plantation in Tarlac was brutally dispersed by the Philippine authorities, leaving seven people dead and hundreds wounded while dozens more were arrested, yesterday.

According to reports; from the very first start since the farm-workers had erected their picket line after a deadlock in Collective Bargaining Agreement between the management and the workers union, the workers received continuous harassment from the local authorities and hired strikebreakers. But the workers valiantly stood their ground as the numerous canisters of tear gas and endless nights of police violence tried to dismantle the workers picket.

But last night at 8p.m., the Philippine authorities brutally crushed the workers defenses by directly shooting live bullets against the striking workers who were only demanding for social benefits and job securities.

The Hacienda Luisita- a big sugar plantation in Tarlac, which is owned by the family of the former Philippine President Corazon Aquino has a numerous cases of anti-workers policy including illegal mass lay-offs and indiscriminate retrenchment of labor leaders and union members.

The Former President was also a notorious anti-farm worker during her presidency; she was the one who is responsible of the bloody massacre in Mendiola infront the President's palace that caused several hundreds of farmers killed while they were peacefully protesting against the dubious Agrarian Reform.