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Help starving West Papuan refugees

DeMMaK appeal for money to buy emergency food and medicine supplies for the Puncak Jaya refugees.

As many of you will know there are currently over 6,000 internal refugees in the highlands of West Papua. They have been chased out of their villages by the Indonesian army who have also burnt their food gardens and are preventing them from returning. At least 23 people have died in the last month as a result of starvation. Emergency relief is desperately needed.

[For more info on the current crisis see West Papua News]

Please donate money now which will be sent directly to the region to provide much needed food and medicine for the refugees. For details of how to donate please see later.

Although it has been extremely hard for people to reach the refugees, DeMMaK have had contact from people who have been to the areas and returned with these photos of West Papuan refugees and they will be able to get supplies through. Also it will be important when the refugees are finally allowed to return to their villages to have emergency food supplies ready as many of their food gardens (normally their only source of food) have been burnt. So please donate or raise some money.

To donate you will have to pay money into a UK bank account or send postal orders, cheques or small amounts of cash to the UK DeMMaK post box (we may be able to post details of a PayPal account soon)..


Payments may be made by visiting any branch of Nationwide and depositing cash in the "Koteka Solidarity and Support" account:

A/C Name: KSAS, Sort Code: 070093, A/C No: 33333334, Ref No: 0346 / 703 572 995

Branch Address: Nationwide Brighton London Road, 104 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4HF

You may also make a bank transfer to the above account or send cheques, postal orders (UK pounds) or small amounts of cash to:

DeMMaK, c/o SDEF, Prior House, 6 Tilbury Place, Brighton, BN2 2GY, UK

Thank you for your help.