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8 people Arrested in Wamena West Papua

From: Koteka Prisoner Support

We have heard that eight civilians got arrested by Indonesia mobile police force (Brimob) in Tolikara Puncak Jaya Wamena.

The following are all being held in Wamena Police Station:

  1. Simele Gere
  2. Natan Wenda
  3. Menis Wenda
  4. Yohanis Heluka
  5. Solamin Weya
  6. Yatimin Weya
  7. Benyyus Kogoya
  8. John Heluka

They are suspected of being members of Kelly Kwalik's OPM group but we have been told they are civilians who live in Tolicara Puncak Jaya. The police got their information by bribery and threats.

Right now there is a big military operation going on in the highlands of West Papua.

There are concerns for the safety of these 8 prisoners who risk torture or being dissapeared. Please phone the Wamena police station and police chief as soon as possible and ask that these prisoners be released and not mistreated. The numbers to phone are:

  1. Chief of Police in Wamena: +62969 31072
  2. Wamena Police Office (Kapolres) +62(0)969-31110
  3. Wamena Regent Office (Bupati) +62(0)969-31005