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Action: Call Freeport Execs to Stand Up for West Papua


Call Freeport-McMoRan Executives and pressure them to tell the Indonesian military to stop the raids on villages in the highlands of West Papua, and to release the prisoners being held in Wamena prison. This is the first time Freeport executives have gotten calls about violence in West Papua, so we're not sure what there reaction will be. We think it's worth a shot, since they are a huge taxpayer and a funder of the military, and they try to maintain a facade of respecting human rights. We know this facade to be false, but they are trying to maintain a public image of "responsible corporate stewardship". Feel free to forward this list and to publicize it widely!

For a background on the current situation in West Papua see the following SSP news stories:

For a background in Freeport's support for Indonesian military oppression, see the Corporate Facts page.

Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc. - Give them a call:

Richard Adkerson

Mr. Adkerson is President and Chief Executive Officer of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. He also serves as Co-Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of McMoRan Exploration Co. (MMR).
1217 Burgundy St., NOLA. Ph# 504-529-7508

Lynne Cooney

Vice President, Assistant to the Chairman
333 Girod St., NOLA. Ph#504-596-6598

Dean T. Falgoust

General Counsel and Vice President, Legal and Tax
9631 Garden Oak Ln., River Ridge. Ph# 504-737-0440

Mark J. Johnson

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Operations
1410 Rue Bayonne, Mandeville. Ph#985-727-1578

Stanley Batey

Senior Advisor, Social and Community Development
9635 Garden Oak Ln., River Ridge. Ph#504-305-4710

George D. MacDonald

Vice President, Exploration
1334 Rue Bayonne, Mandeville. Ph#985-674-1619

D. James Miller

Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Safety
9 Golf Villa Dr., NOLA. Ph#504-433-4134

Kathleen L. Quirk

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Finance and Business Development
4816 St. Charles, NOLA. Ph#504-891-2194

PT Freeport Indonesia

Michael J. Arnold

Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President, Planning and Management Development of PT Freeport Indonesia
61 Chateau Palmer Dr., Kenner. Ph#504-461-5878

Richard E. Coleman

Senior Vice President, Operations of PT Freeport Indonesia
1708 Pailet Ave., Harvey. Ph#504-368-9430