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The newsletters and pamphlets on this page all explore issues surrounding Solidarity South Pacific. Many of them are PDF format - you will need the free Adobe Reader or something similar to read them.

Resources for Events

If you are organising an event raising publicity for SSP, we can provide the following resources. To get hold of them, please contact us:

  • Videos - in addition to those listed on the Merchandise page, we will also supply other films about the West Papuan tribal resistance and a fascinating series of videos following the story of highlanders in Papua New Guinea, featuring original footage of their first meetings with white people in the 1930's through to "Black Harvest" when in the 80's coffee growing erupts into tribal war!
  • Exhibitions - we have available a framed photo exhibition of the Bougainville struggle and we can supply images and text for an exhibition detailing the West Papuan struggle.
  • Speakers - someone from SSP will often be willing to travel to speak, and we can put you in contact with Benny Wenda who is always willing to speak to groups about the West Papuan struggle.
  • Music - in addition to the CD available on the Merchandise page we have CDs of music from New Guinea and the Philippines which can be played at events. We can also put you in contact with West Papuan musicians who may be willing to come and play a gig.
  • Merchandise - all the merchandise on the Merchandise page can be provided for you to distribute at events.
  • Literature - we can supply copies of the following literature, which you can also download from this website.


  • SSP Newsletter 3 - PDF file, 3.3Mb. 2005/2006. Repression and Resistance in West Papua, Bougainville update, Fighting Monoculture in Papua New Guinea...
  • SSP Newsletter 2 - PDF file, 2.5Mb. Spring 2004. "Bows not Ballots", Logging threatens Filipino Tribes, good news about escaped prisoners...
    Also: Newsletter 2 in Zipped QUARK format (51Mb!)
  • SSP Newsletter 1 - PDF file, 2.5Mb. Summer 2003. Introduction to SSP, British solidarity actions, Western investors in the region, Davao EF!'s Monsanto action...
  • South Pacific Solidarity - PDF file, 1Mb. From "Do or Die" Issue 10, an introduction to the direct action taken by Western activists in support of the islanders.



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