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What you can do

There are plenty of things you can do to support resistance in the Pacific. Here are just some ideas of things you can do and projects we need help with...

Harassing the Attackers

Genocide and ecocide in the Pacific is rooted in the global industrial system. Britain is the base for many of the organisations responsible. Check out the attached corporate fact page to see if any are near you. Make sure to tell us of any demonstrations you carry out - we will pass it on to the Pacific peoples concerned. News of even small actions can really raise the spirits. While Pacific struggles will be won or lost by the strength of peoples there, timely, targeted, action here both against proposed developments and as a reaction to repression has had a real effect.

Subscribe to the SSP email list to keep up to date! Or check out planned coming actions to see if there's something already organised, or try the action chronology for inspiration.

Prisoner Support

In addition to cash support for prisoners, you can send letters and cards to them and join in urgent alerts. See the Prisoner Support page for more details.

Direct Cash Aid

One of the most useful things you can do. It is easy to raise some money and a few pounds from here go a long way over there. Organise benefit gigs or lunches, fundraising stalls, put us in contact with potential donors or simply donate to one of our direct aid funds.

We are currently raising money for the following projects:

  • Medical aid to West Papua.
  • Provide anarchist / ecological literature to aid the setting up of info shops and the like in Papua New Guinea. This work is crucial as in many of these areas the only written material available is the Bible. We need donations of books or money for this project.
  • Cash support for prisoners
  • Fundraising for "Watch Papua" to help them print books. Future publications include DeMMaK (the Koteka Tribal Assembly)'s concept of "Tribal Democracy".
  • Funding to help a few Papuan activists abroad with travel and communication costs.

For an inspirational story about how SSP saved many lives in West Papua through the provision of medical equipment, see the latest newsletter!

Exposing the Struggles

Organise an event in your town.

Put on a film night, host a talk or discussion, put on an exhibition, hold benefit gigs. We can provide information, speakers and resources - see the resources page.

Write an article.

If you edit a 'zine, newsletter, journal or the like, put in an article about the Pacific. Given notice we can write one for you - contact us.