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Sample Menus

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, herbal tea, two or three different types of cereals, soymilk, dried fruit, bread and spreads.

Lunches (usually simpler than dinner due to time constraints): Tea, coffee, herbal tea; Spaghetti Bolognese with green salad; Filling soups with bread and spreads (Carrot and coriander, leek and potato, minestrone, golden lentil soup, vegetable and coconut,...); Chili wraps with salad; Salads, dips and rolls/jacket potatoes if possible; Tabbouleh and green salad and pitta....

Dinners (usually main dish, side dish and 1-2 salads): Tea, coffee, herbal tea; Potato provencale (olive, red wine and tomato sauce) with garlic bread and side salads; Mild curry with couscous, pickles, cucumber salad and tomato and onion salad; Armenian beans and nuts with new potatoes and side salads; Creamy pasta with garlic bread, toasted seeds and side salads; Bangers and mash and cider sauce with side salads...

We can provide hot drinks during breaks or on tap depending on the circumstance.

We’ve also done buffet spreads, stalls with snackfoods (vegan sos rolls, cakes, sandwiches/rolls, slices and pastries, fruit, ...) or burger stalls, and simple cheap soup kitchens.



PO Box 74, Brighton, BN1 4ZQ UK

email: anarchisttpot(at)yahoo.co.uk