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What We Do

A Happy Chef

We are a group of mates who enjoy catering for the masses... We formed out of a series of squatted cafes around Brighton, and have had a mobile kitchen since 1998. We cook vegan, mostly organic and locally sourced, GM-free food at low price. We will cook at grassroots, non-profit orientated, anarchist and ecological events, and are willing to travel, if the event is large enough to justify this (i.e. we would cook for 50 people in Brighton, but not for less than 150 in Scotland). We do this voluntarily, in our free time, and aren't willing or able to cook 52 weeks a year!

Our Giant Pots

We can cook indoors, outdoors, in a squat, and at home to bring food along. We have catering equipment including large pans, burners, urns, mugs, crockery and cutlery and utensils. When we cook, we need to be provided with water and a suitable space to cook in (kitchen, marquee, hole in the ground...).

We are able to cater for up to 300 people, more if necessary, but with more basic food and not all at once. We aim to provide well-rounded meals, with a main dish, salads, as well as teas and coffee (see sample menus). Depending on the type of event, we ask for donations, charge for individual meals, or sell meal tickets for the day including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A Smiling Tea Drinker

Unlike commercial caterers, we are not some kind of vending machine you put money into to get a plate of food - in the spirit of mutual aid we like to be involved with what's happening and want people to get involved with what we're doing. In practical terms this also means we ask for volunteers to help us with chopping vegetables and washing up.

We hold Food Hygiene Certificates and some of us have First Aid qualifications. We can also provide an anarchist, ecological and feminist bookstall and possibly workshops/talks (depending on how much time we need to be in the kitchen!).

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